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Launch your own online store or make your content shoppable in minutes. No developer required. With Collection, turn your audience into your customers & keep more of what you earn — without sending your audience offsite. The best part? It's FREE.

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partners why decovo
partners why decovo
  • Retail Store

    Launch a fully white-labeled online store in minutes. Shipping, packaging, inventory, payments and customer support are handled for you.

  • Shoppable Content

    Let your audience easily shop the products you recommend without leaving your site or social presence. Keep more of what you earn.

How Does Collection Work?

  1. Select Products

    Collection helps you find and add products that you can start selling right away on your own store. Collection includes thousands of big name (and emerging) brands across categories like Beauty, Health & Wellness, Grocery, and more. You can even enable automated product matching to select products optimized for your audience.

    automated product matching on Decovo
  2. Add To Your Site

    Add Collection to your site with 1 line of code. No developer required.

    add Decovo in minutes
  3. Delight Your Audience

    Start selling in minutes with Collection. Turn your audience into your customers, and keep more of what you earn — without sending your audience off-site.

    delight your audience
  4. Rest Easy

    Our network of suppliers will hold your inventory, and package and ship the products to customers for you. Payments, customer support, fraud prevention and chargebacks are handled for you. It's really that easy.

    rest easy, Decovo has you covered


  • more revenue

    More Revenue

    We cut out the middlemen, so you keep more per transaction.

  • realtime insight

    Real-Time Insight

    Understand what is selling and receive full attribution for sales made.

  • full support

    Full Support

    We take care of the back office, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • flexible formats

    Flexible Format

    Multiple formats supported: retail storefronts, shoppable content, onsite or offsite. Collection does it all.

  • authentic inventory

    100% Authentic Inventory

    All products are Guaranteed Authentic. We don't rely on 3rd-party retailers or affiliate networks.

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